146. mixing it up a bit: DIY cover art / title project #1


In the last year or so, the focus of the blog slowly but surely shifted over to writing, and I feel the photographs got a bit lost in the whole hodgepodge of trying to blend it all in and make it work somehow. This surprised me because when I set out to mark this little corner of the web as my own, I primarily intended it to be a photo-oriented journal, not the other way around. Though I’m pleased with where this experiment has taken me (in fact, I’m thrilled that it pushed me to write more often than I can remember writing in the last five years or so), I’d like to restore a semblance of balance between the visual and the textual and let each part speak for itself, so to say.

As it so often happens, I needed an extra nudge or the vague scent of a project to get me going on this. Meticulously arranging the cover art for the (too) many albums I have on iTunes, it struck me how many of the titles (for albums as well as songs) almost read like images. I played around with some of them for a while, about how I’d represent them visually, the images you can see below the result of that particular mental exercise. Since I had a lot of fun doing it, and because in a way it encompasses all the faithful lovers I have in my life (photography – music – writing/poetry) I’m sure I’ll be adding many more of them in no time.

And yes, I am acutely aware that instead of focusing on one, I’ve now added another art form into the equation. What can one do. I have yet to find an efficient way of reigning myself in.

I also *strongly* (this cannot be stressed enough) recommend you check out the artists the work relates to, because they deserve a listen and, well, I have great taste in music (if I may say so myself), so you definitely won’t regret it. πŸ™‚


This Empty Northern Hemisphere, Gregory Alan Isakov.

This Empty Northern Hemisphere, Gregory Alan Isakov.
You can listen to the title track here, clicking this takes you to the playlist with the whole album.


i am a bird now_fin

I Am a Bird Now, Antony & the Johnsons.
Listen to the surreal-sublime-amazing-brilliant-genius-I’m-running-out-of-adjectives Bird Gerhl here, then weep and continue with the rest.


The Sea And The Rhythm, Iron & Wine.

The Sea And The Rhythm, Iron & Wine.
Listen to the whole EP here, or my personal favorite Someday the Waves here.


2 thoughts on “146. mixing it up a bit: DIY cover art / title project #1

  1. I hope you can find the best balance for you between the photos and the writing (without of course ever reigning yourself in, or not going where the flow of ideas takes you). My bias has always been towards words, but your images are just as distinctive in terms of the character they present.

    Increasingly with my words I find myself borrowing from the imagery and suggestiveness of song titles, reshaped to my own ends, so I like what you’re doing here. But be careful this doesn’t lead to you getting hooked into doing album cover design full-time…

    • I’ll be wary of that, thanks. Although, I must say, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, I think I’d probably enjoy doing something like cover art. There are worse career options I can think of, to be sure. πŸ™‚

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