135. ten visual poems (about your life in mine)

0 ten poems.

1 poem about the four and a half minutes it took to know you.

2 poem about my proclivity toward self-destructive addictions.

3 poem about where we said our good morning in the afternoon.

4 poem about the merciless fleetingness of the seasons.

5 poem about the inevitability of finding you there.

6 poem about the impossibiltiy of finding you here.

7 poem about the insignificance of physical space in our parallel lives.

8 poem about a ghost at a railway platform.

9 poem about the urgency of amnesia.

10 poem about where I am still allowed to love you

(do click on the photos and view them separately, something’s lost I think, without the black background)


4 thoughts on “135. ten visual poems (about your life in mine)

  1. These gave me the illusory feeling that there’s no longer so much difference between words and images, at least in terms of the moment of creation – the mind directs the fingers and tells them when or what to press. Or to strip away that illusion, and put it another way – you take pictures like you write poems.

    • I think you’re right, that is, the place from where both the words and the images come from is often the same, at least it is for me. What they both represent is inevitably my state of mind, though the form may change, the content is very much the same.

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