131. reverse psychology


Listen, here’s what I think we should do,
let me write it down for us to hang on the wall
come the 1st of January.

1. Forget artificial anniversaries
when we’re on a high.
(Why didn’t you call to wish me a happy birthday?
Because you seemed happy enough as it was.

2. Not look when we know the other is peeping through a half-closed eye,
pretending to be asleep.
(Why didn’t you kiss me in the morning?
I didn’t want to wake you.

3. Pretend everything we’re doing for the other’s benefit
is something we’re doing for our own.
(You didn’t go dancing?
No, my feet are sore. I might as well stay in with you.
As you wish.)

4. Not smile at each other across tables in smoky watering holes,
because poetic shit like that is dangerous.
(Who put that frown on your face, mister?
It’s always been there.
I guess so.)

5. Avoid, by all means necessary, holiday celebrations
or long walks home alone at 3 a.m.
(You’re too busy all through December?
Yes, I’ve crammed a year’s worth of work into a month.
I understand.)

With the list now meticulously organized and color-coded,
here’s what we’ll do.
Break the rules.



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