112. world, meet Peter

(alternate title could be portraits of an artist as a young man at three different locations in the city, but that would be a mouthful)

As promised here, I’ll be doing these random little posts with portraits of my friends. This was half-business/half-pleasure, since the shoot wasn’t even my idea to begin with – a rarity, if I may say so, I always feel like I have to nag people to pose for me.

As far as introductions go – “this charming man” is Peter a.k.a. Elephant and the Moon, a young singer/songwriter from Zagreb. We spent a sunny autumn afternoon being silly around the old town core and what you see below is a few photographs I think made it worth the effort. Apart from wearing suits, Peter’s other “virtues” include being a self-proclaimed flesh and blood (translation: he’s really into music), cooking and being able to describe what he cooks in the manner of a Masterchef voice-over, as well as knowing an awful lot about pop culture, and other seemingly random stuff. Also, the boy can hold his liquor like a pro.

You can listen to his music here, it’s well worth it, and for the full audio-visual experience you can see this Youtube video.








 1144(this is my personal favorite)


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