Interim Lives (Zagreb vignettes)

108. zagreb: vignette #1 (streetcar heart)

Did someone say September? Project time!

I’ve wanted to take photos and write some kind of an homage to Zagreb for a while now, but I never got around to it. I have too many stories to be able to fit them into the context of one coherent text. I also have a lot of random photographs of even more random places which I am, for reasons known (or unknown) only to me, very fond of. Apart from that, I’m also unsure of whether I find it incredibly beautiful (which in all fairness, it really is, especially come spring), or terribly ugly and boring (which it also can be, during the summer when it’s basically a ghost town). So I was never sure which side I wanted to show – the ugly or the beautiful.

I’ve come to realize though that I can’t really write about, or show you, anything other than what the city is to me, my extremely biased and subjective perception of it, that is in all cases connected to the people here, to the stories we’ve shared, to the stories I know about but may not have lived them myself. It’s a mythical Zagreb below the surface of the real one – the city I inhabit in my own head, and the lives I lead here (in my own head, also). That’s why I’ve decided to go with „interim lives“ as a kind of theme for this little project / photo-vignette odyssey / short memory jog. It’s about the moments in between “real life”, which inevitably feels either somewhere far away or deeper inside.

So, here’s vignette #1!


interim lives-5

These are the seats I’ve reserved for my lovers,
future and past.
We all live in the confines of a streetcar
which runs in circles,
my heart.


3 thoughts on “108. zagreb: vignette #1 (streetcar heart)

  1. One possible future designing the jackets of books awaits you, should you wish it to.

    It’s good to feel and see and think of a mythological city, below the surface of the real one. I hope you return to this series and your other writings here soon.

    • Well, I do love books as much as I love photography, I always thought that would be a fun thing to try, definitely. Do you have anything particular in mind, or are you saying it generally?

      I’m back from a month in Spain and have heaps of new material so yeah, new stuff is coming soon! 😀 Thanks for the follow and the interest!

      • Well, it was just that if I saw your image and graphic as a cover and title in a bookshop, I’d be curious and pick it up – the job of a book designer done.

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