97. world, meet joe

Here’s a more photography-oriented post, haven’t done that in a while!

Just a few random shots I took of a very dear friend of mine while we were hanging out and philosophizing in the small hours of the morning. I’ve been really lucky in my choice of friends, that is, in the coincidences that lead to meeting most of them – not many people would sit till 4 a.m. discussing genetically modified food, Doctor Who and/or existential matters, and then let you take photographs of them because you’ve gotten a sudden urge to “do something artsy”.

So, world, meet one such person. This is Joe, child prodigy, philosopher extraordinaire, and kid-brother-by-choice.


(I’m thinking of doing a series of these little portrait-posts with my friends, hope you guys will enjoy them!)




One thought on “97. world, meet joe

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