94. parts (are the sum of me)

 Mother, me & Iron & Wine

Mother, me, Iron & Wine.

are who I

 The second toe of my left foot.
This little piggy
crashed with a dining room chair
when I was six.
It still protrudes crookedly from in between its
more disciplined cousins.

 I am nine parts straight.
The tenth gives me an air
of rebelliousness.

 The neck is also
who I am.
Mother often stares at it in awe.
how regal and swan-like your neck is!

 (Mother’s is short and thick. She is a
gigantic tree, smiling crown perched atop a wide trunk.
No storm could uproot her.)

 Whose daughter am I, then?
My own neck barely keeps my head
from toppling (face-first)
into the gutter.

 Sweat condenses in its creases,
in the heat.

Sweat, too, is part of me.
One I keep losing, and recreating,
all on my own.
Like words.
Sweaty poetry,
in the summer.
My extension.

 I asked my Lover,
my supplement:
What’s your favorite part?
Is it my collar bone (dogs like to gnaw)
or my breasts (children love being suckled),
perhaps my hands and fingers
(I can write the alphabet on more than just paper,
hold more than a pen).

 It’s your inner bits, those that can’t be seen.
But I am written all over my body,
if you look closely enough.

My parts are the sum of me.
The neck is why I lost my head to him.
The second toe of my left foot is why I will
Leave him behind.

// Note: this was supposed to be formatted differently, but I’m technologically-challenged on my best day, and it’s 40°C outside – too hot to start learning about HTML or whatever the heck it is that’s currently preventing me from making the text appear on the blog as it does in the editor. Hopefully, you all are having better luck with the weather, or are at least somewhere where you can dip your feet into the sea! //


6 thoughts on “94. parts (are the sum of me)

  1. It’s a simple fix, I’m going to give you the HTML code that you’ll use every time you want WP to keep your formatting:

    When you start a new post, cut and paste this code into the box where the body of your text will go and make sure it’s on “text” view and not “visual” view


    Once that’s done then copy the text you want to post and place the cursor where I’ve put an * in the code (the * is not part of it I just used it to show you where to put the cursor) now hit paste and it should look like this:


    Now go to “visual” view and your formatting should still be there. Then you’re ready to post! Note – if you’re using a different font than your blog it will not keep it, just the formatting.

  2. Oops it read my comment as HTML so here is what it should have looked like






    Don’t use the parenthesis I just did that so the code would show.

  3. Ugh ok sorry it won’t show the code so lets try this, I’ll put spaces between each character so remember there is only a space between pre and style

     then your text and 
      • You’re welcome! I really wanted to help out because I had just had that problem myself and finally found the answer after days of searching! Too bad it won’t let me put it here because its way too hard to explain but I was going to try and find the link to the guys website I found it on and just post that here for you.

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