93. uneven dualities



Dearest, listen:

There is a whole world out there,
and in it I am neither child nor woman;
atheist nor believer;
scientist nor shaman.

In it I am myself in the purest sense,
the unchained duality,
ever-conflicting polarity;
and I am neither good nor bad,
white nor black,
male nor female,
Eastern nor Western.

I am the patient and the doctor,
both my own cure and disease.

In this old new world,
I am not the dream you created:
I am my own blurry image of myself.
I can push the boundaries whichever way I like,
even though you may not appreciate
the direction in which I am heading.

Ā I am an artist on my own terms,
whether I ever write another verse, or not.

I am the me I don’t know yet.
I am the you I haven’t met.
Finally, in this everlasting confusion of mine,
I am also the us we have long since hoped to find.


7 thoughts on “93. uneven dualities

  1. I am an artist on my own terms… I like that line. I like your way of thinking. I imagine you are an artsy girl who may surprise people with your works. Like my very first visit, I love your poetry. šŸ™‚

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