39. vast and empty cages

7 vast and empty cages

we asked for a vastness
to hold
two breaths of air
(yours, and mine)

we asked for a sanctuary
(in the open)

for no words
not to lie
for a silence
not to say

the words that suffocate
the words that catch in the throat
then wound,
then kill

we asked for boundaries
to be proper
and laws
(to be kind)

we asked for rivers
to be carried away
for fields
to stay

for rain and snow
for shame
to be pure

for brazenness
to taste desire

and then, for a space
where we can say goodbye
and not-meet

we asked for all this and much more,
dreaming in our cage
(our shelter)

but seeing lives on the outside
we huddled close
then closer still

and prayed for boundaries
to disappear
for distances to fade
and rivers not to pull us away

we screamed to drown out the silence
and with the little air we had

wound me, wound me
kill me

not to say

i love you i love you,
i love you


You think, therefore you are.

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