3. shadowplay project: I remember nothing

I remember nothing
[we were strangers for way too long]

 This is part of a project I’m starting at the moment, inspired by Joy Division and Ian Curtis. The tattoo, drawing that is, is actually a neuron (my own rendition of it, lol) – felt I should make that clear perhaps cause it also sort of looks like a tree. I guess what I was thinking, or where I was going with this, is that everything we do makes some kind of a mark. Experiences shape us, scars get etched into our skins and we live with this every day. Still, sometimes we can’t even remember why it is we feel a certain way, we just do. That’s what I was going for, I think. That’s what this project is for, too. I’ve intertwined my life so closely with music, I’ve been doing it for years now, and I guess I’m trying to get to the bottom of it all, to the why of what’s so important to me, why it makes me feel so strongly. Seems I’ll be sharing that trip with you guys, for better or worse.

(color version)

Listen to – I remember nothing, Joy Division.


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