1. blasts from the past: analog

Railway station, Zagreb.

Railway station, Zagreb.

So, first post!

And a bit peculiar one, at that, considering I mainly use digital photography as my medium-of-choice, but I guess for the start of this blog I wanted to go back to my roots and dig up some of my earliest work to show all of you lovely people how my love of photography began (and how I’ve, hopefully, grown). The photos shown here are some of the first ones I ever took with a mind of “taking a good photograph”, they were all (very) clumsily conceived with a battered-down ancient Praktica I was given by a friend of the family when I said I wanted to get into photography. At the time, I was all about wanting to learn the basics and trying to get down and dirty in the darkroom – the few times I could, before I decided I’m way too impatient and prone to nitpicking to make my vision a reality in this way.

Still, I have to admit that to this day analog photography still has a special place in my heart. It’s enveloped in a mystery, like a very old family heirloom you kind of admire but only know the history of in a few short lines. The magic of the process, the excitement of the discovery of a photo you don’t even remember taking that turns out well, the slight imperfections of the film and that heavenly grain.. yes, I’m still quite the fan when it comes to the old black, and white, and silver.

HDLU, Zagreb.

HDLU, Zagreb.

The Small Apple, Zagreb.

The Small Apple, Zagreb.



Lazy mornings.

Lazy mornings.


Letters (from one old fashioned medium to another).

So, there you have it. Now it’s your turn to share views and comments on analog photography. Yay or nay? Easy, difficult? Magical? The only true photographic artform (as some would say), or slightly over-rated as a result of nostalgia and the golden-times phenomenon?


5 thoughts on “1. blasts from the past: analog

  1. I love analogue photography, I find the only negative (pun unintended) 😉 is that you don’t get to see your photographs until after they’ve been developed! My baby elephant image is taken with a film camera too, I actually find the images naturally sharper and more colourful than my digital ones!

    • Yeah, I’ve just checked it out and it is amazing! The negative is a negative on one h and, but on the other it makes it somehow more exciting if you know what I mean? And maybe sort of forces you to work harder to develop your technique? But as I said, I’m way too impatient to wait for week(s) to see how the photos turned out 🙂

  2. Man I love that grainy, slightly imperfect finish you get with analogue. If it wasn’t for having to be tight with my money I’d have been going down the analogue route. Digital is faster and more cost effective, shame really. Great work though, love some of your earlier stuff.

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